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If kids designed schools, what would they really want to learn?

Paradise Online Project (POP)


A course designed to let you explore all the things you wish you learnt at school.

What do you really want to learn?

Through Self Organisation, collaborating with children around the world, in these three weeks you will discover, plan and pitch a project of your own design. 

Imagine you could do anything?

Create anything? What would you do? Through the SOLE method and Project based learning, by the end of this course, with the help of mentors, you would have explored and developed an original project idea and presented your idea to a panel of experts. 

This is an opportunity to let your imagination run wild, be mentored by experts and meet children from around the world. Come create your own classroom with us…

Online Course
Only 35 seats available!

Dates: 15th Sept - 1st Oct 2020
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM IST

Course Duration: 3 Weeks 

Number of Sessions in a Week: 4 (Tue,Wed,Thur,Fri)

Time Duration: 1 hour/day

Age Group: 10 to 14 years

Technology your child will need: Laptop/Ipad, Zoom, Good Internet, Email Account

The paradise experience

Now being offered to kids everywhere

The Paradise experience, a chance to be a Paradisian, bringing minimally invasive education to kids everywhere - letting children learn for themselves.

  • World’s first SOLE Cambridge School
  • Nurturing the student spirit and letting it thrive
  • Learner centric and technology-driven to build confident and independent Learners
  • Educational innovators redefining classroom learning by creating new learning paradigms
  • Educational community set-up where teachers and students thrive on exploring, collaborating and self-organising to achieve wonderful and exciting outcomes

Welcome to Paradise: Meet our kids


I thought the course was really good, and I felt like it was really inspiring to do stuff on your own and be independent. I loved the course and enjoyed making my project with my team. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to do it in the future.  


The last two weeks were fantastic for me personally. I really liked the idea of SOLE. It can help kids a lot. It was really nice that we could have different topics that were related to our passions. We had 'pollution' and another group had ‘edible chemistry’ and we could learn from each other’s topics. Our teachers helped us make our projects even better by giving us more ideas and by bringing in professionals. I also loved the breakout rooms where we could go into smaller groups within our big group meeting. I really liked how the program was.

How will it help your child?

The following are some of the many skills your child will acquire naturally through this course

At the end of the Course your child will:

  • Collaborate
  • Plan
  • Execute Vision
  • Present Information
  • Research- Identify sources of information as valid/invalid
  • Drive their own learning
  • Be responsible for the outcome of their projects
  • Make new friends, meet the Paradise team, Create a project from idea to execution
  • Reflect on their learning, project and team work

Meet Our Instructors


Snigdha Sehgal

Paradise School Goa faculty since 2016, Snigdha is a biologist and teaches Science to Secondary.
She likes to explore fun, innovative and engaging ways of teaching and learning with her learners. She is excited about integrating SOLE, project based and integrative learning with this course! 


Ria Sen

Paradise School Goa Faculty since 2017- experience in SOLE and Project Based Learning.
In 2018, Ria was chosen to be an ambassador for StartSOLE- an online platform to help teachers facilitate and conduct SOLEs
She believes in the importance of learner choice and agency in driving their learning, minimally invasive education and the fact that learning is FUN! 

How will the course be conducted?

The course will be conducted via an online video conferencing platform. Mentors will be present to guide the students for the duration of the course.

POP is an online course designed to let children choose what they want to learn. Choice and agency are powerful to the human experience- and children flourish when they are not only responsible for their learning, but are creating it.
The first module facilitates collaboration and inspires children to ask Big Questions.
The second module develops these Big Questions into Big Ideas that can become real life projects.
Finally, children are able to discuss their ideas with a panel of experts and receive feedback.
This structure is essentially the PhD model-
Our goal as educators is to observe, encourage and provide resources that facilitate learning- to say, “You go there, I'll come with you.”

Self-Organized Learning Environments


Start with a big question, designed to provoke curiosity and lead to more questions.


Learners organize into small groups and collaborate using a single zoom room to search for answers.


Each group presents their discoveries. Instructors help manage time and keep track of your rubrics.

Project Based Learning


Involves a project involving a real world, meaningful issue.

Drive enquiry

Learners questions, find resources, and apply information. They choose how they work and what they create.

Present & Reflect

The project is public. Learners give, receive and apply feedback for improvement, and reflect on learning, quality of work and the journey

Detailed Course Description

The course will be divided into 2 Modules followed by a Panel Presentation

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Week 1: Self Organising Learning Environments

SOLE- Research-Project Seed Ideas- Project Planning
In Module one you will explore Self Organised Learning Environments.
You will use Big Questions to explore your own interests and develop them further.
Working in groups you will develop a project idea that you will then pitch to the entire class for feedback and begin planning your projects.
You will have facilitators to guide you through this process


Week 2: Choice Driven Collaborative Projects

Collaboration on Projects-Design- Prototyping
In Module two you will go deeper into your group projects.
In groups you will begin to execute a project of your own choosing.
This will require- research, collaboration and implementation of your ideas onto an online platform. You will practice presenting your ideas to a panel of experts.
You will have facilitators that will confer with you through this process and provided regular feedback
You will be provided experts in your field to discuss ideas with.


Week 3: Panel Presentations: Reflection

Presentations- Reflection
You will present your findings to your peers, mentors and a panel of experts, receive and give feedback, and reflect to improve your product and your learning


Who can attend this course?

Children within the age group of 10 to 14 years can join this course.

What is the course duration, fee?

The course will run for 12 days over 3 Weeks, 4 times a week (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur).
The course starts Sept 14th, and ends Oct 1st.
Course fee : 80$ / 5999₹ / equivalent.

Do I need specific equipment to take this Course?

Technology your child will need: Laptop/Ipad, Zoom Account, Good Internet & Email Account.

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